Current Research Programme

The central issues guiding my research are:

FQXi grant on the Nature of Time and the Structure of Space

In 2008 I received funding from the Foundational Questions Institute ( for my two-year research proposal Machian Quantum Gravity. The detailed proposal is here (pdf). In January 2011 I received further research funding for another two-year period for the project The Nature of Time and the Structure of Space (pdf). This new project follows on naturally from the first project, bulding on results obtained in it.

Perimeter Institute seminars

A seminar ("The case for geometry") from my visit to the Perimeter Institute in May 2010 is available on their site.

Videos of three seminars from a previous visit in September 2008 are also on the same site. These talks cover much of my research programme.

My collaborator Brendan Foster also gave a talk about our reevaluation of Dirac's theorem on constraints and gauge transformations.