Welcome to Julian Barbour’s web site

This site introduces my work on the foundations of physics and as a popular-science writer. A non-technical description of my ideas and in particular my current research into Shape Dynamics is available. Since completion of my PhD in 1968, I have worked outside an academic environment, though I have collaborated with several researchers in academia. The picture above shows me at my home in north Oxfordshire, England. Much of the work with my collaborators has been done there.

Besides research papers, I have written three books: The Discovery of Dynamics, which investigates the background to Newton’s great discoveries. The End of Time, which is written for both the general reader and scientists. In it I argue that time is ultimately an illusion. In The Janus Point, I explore a gravitational arrow of time.

During the last few years, I have collaborated with Tim Koslowski and Flavio Mercati. Previous collaborators include Edward Anderson, Brendan Z. Foster, Henrique Gomes, Sean Gryb, Bryan Kelleher and the late Niall Ó Murchadha. I describe our current research programme here. We receive offers of collaboration with interest and can provide some support and supervision to young researchers.

Please note that I don't operate any social media accounts. In particular, the Twitter account using my name is not mine.


Last update: 16-March-2023